(pics) These are the most popular ever items from the popular Reddit thread "S**tty Food Porn."

1. Chicken nuggets on a bed of microwaved mac n' cheese.

Served with a shooting star made of ketchup and ranch sauce. Immaculate plating.

2. "Eau Braised Octodog on a Bed of Shells Au Fromage"

Let's also admire how many legs this person obtained from one hot dog.

3. Deconstructed Chili Slaw Dog.

So much effort went into this, and I bet it tasted great. But there is a certain je ne sais quoi element of terribleness about it.

4. Toast circles topped with American cheese, cold hot dogs, and julienne pickles.

Served with horseradish mustard, jalapeno ketchup, and dots of tabasco. Pay attention, people.

5. A chicken nugget, expired brie and curly fries.

Exquisitely presented with ketchup, mayo and hot sauce, and lukewarm tap water.

6. Bacon and ramen wrapped hot dog with sriracha drizzle and hot sauce reduction.

This. Is. Art.

7. Hard boiled eggs and shrimp suspended in a ring of lime jello, served cold.

This took planning.

8. Cheese plate.

Is that brie? Fancy.

9. Tangy cheese Doritos and a cut-up hot dog with undercooked pasta.

Mix in some antidepressants and you're good to go.

10. Ramen-Crust Pizza.

I almost want to try this.

11. Pork fried rice in an elegant molded shape.

Fresh from the takeout carton. The microwave in the background accents the whole picture.

12. Improvised ranch cup made out of some used foil.

This is what separates us from the apes.

13. I did a little entertaining over the holidays.

Dude, I would NOT be upset if I went to a party and they had this.

14. Dessert at a fancy 3-course ball.

There are a lot of things that look terrible but still somewhat appetizing, but this just looks disgusting. I mean really? They couldn't work on a slightly better presentation?

15. No food left in the house. I present: crushed ice with a sriracha drizzle.

I'm going to stop saying "sriracha is good on anything."

16. Mysterious casserole.

Via the popular Reddit thread "sh*tty food porn."